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#SaveDallas: Let’s Kick It Up a Notch, Fellow Fans

9 Oct

If you are my friend you will do everything you can to #SaveDallas It will be worth every effort

Dallas Decoder

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We need to make more noise, fellow “Dallas” fans.

The campaign to save our favorite show from cancellation is off to a strong start. We’re signing petitions, liking Facebook pages and tweeting our love using the #SaveDallas hashtag.

Our collective efforts have earned attention from across the media spectrum, including a brief report in the New York Times and an endorsement from Michael Strahan, Kelly Ripa’s co-host on “Live with Kelly and Michael.”

We’ve also received support from the cast, including Linda Gray, who encouraged everyone to “keep fighting” in an interview yesterday; Patrick Duffy, who urged fans to “keep going” via a tweet; and Josh Henderson, whose Facebook page includes several #SaveDallas posts.

Let’s keep the momentum going. We need more petition signatures, more attention from the press and more social media posts declaring our love for “Dallas.” Here’s what I recommend:

• Urge more fans…

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16 Aug

Dallas Decoder

TNT’s “Dallas” just finished its first season with three big revelations: Cliff Barnes is Rebecca’s father (!), the mastermind behind her scheme (!!), and the owner of a really cool jet (!!!). Ken Kercheval, Cliff’s real-life alter ego, graciously spoke to me this week about his iconic character and what the future might hold for the Barneses and the Ewings.

So tell me: What’s it like to be playing Cliff Barnes again after all these years?

Same old, same old. I know this guy pretty well so it’s just like putting on the same set of clothes that you wore a few years back.

When the producers invited you to reprise the role, did they talk to you about the direction they were planning to take Cliff?

The only thing they said is that he had gone off and become very, very, very rich. Richer than the Ewings. That’s…

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13 Jul

Dallas Decoder

At long last, Sue Ellen.

Linda Gray comes off the sidelines in “The Enemy of My Enemy” – and not a moment too soon. Last week, in a candid interview with Ultimate Dallas, Gray politely – but pointedly – expressed her disappointment with the limited amount of screen time she’s received on TNT’s “Dallas.” As she reminded fans, Sue Ellen’s fate rests with the new show’s writers, who are now working on the second-season scripts.

Although “The Enemy of My Enemy” was filmed months ago, it serves as Exhibit A in the case for giving Sue Ellen a more prominent role on the show. Gray makes this one of TNT’s strongest episodes yet. She only appears in three scenes, but she dominates each one – not by chewing scenery but through the force of her grace and elegance. The actress has inherited Barbara Bel Geddes’ mantle as “Dallas’s” elder stateswoman, and…

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It is sunny outside

26 Mar

It is sunny


Hello world!

15 Mar

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